Coffee Exchange wishes…

more customers can enjoy specialty coffee. So, far the first time in Korea, the company is utilizing ‘total process control’ in which the company starts to control the whole process from the coffee farm. Coffee Exchange has secured a network of Specialty grade coffee suppliers to continuously and cost-effectively purchase premium coffee. The company is also consistently researching investments on future for more stable coffee price.

The best cup of Coffee brewed from the best beans and the best roasting techniques

The price and the grade of the best coffee beans are determined by environment of plantation, managing, and the cultivation process. All coffee beans in Coffee Exchange are carefully selected by Coffee Exchange partners Q-grader and Green Coffee Trader, after careful selection of specialty grade coffee beans. To set a paradigm of fair tradings in Korea's coffee market and the duty to 'deliver clear information', Coffee Exchange proudly opens all of information related to our blended specialty beans and roasting.


"The best drink" guaranteed by Coffee Exchange

If you are now watching the sign of Coffee Exchange(signs, POPs, banners, paper cups), you have a happy opportunity to drink "the best coffee" that Coffee Exchange offers confidently. Coffee Exchange is not only satisfied with supplying the best coffee beans but also will send a "Coffee Solution Professional" regularly to the delivery shop to make cooperative efforts with customers through coffee extraction and free consultation on problems.

Reasonable and stable price

Coffee Exchange continues to researches to maintain stable raw material prices for coffees through direct trade with farms and futures market. Moreover, Coffee Exchange strives to thrive together with coffee farms.

Strengths of Coffee Exchange


Profound experiences from ‘Green Coffee Beans’, the largest coffee company in Korea


‘Trading Network’ with major global coffee producers


Fresh bean know-hows ( professional quality and quantity management for fresh beans)


Optimized Production based on exhaustive profile researches on Fresh Beans for each Origin by Professional Q-graders and Roasters


Profound experience in Franchise Businesses. Shares the knowledge to individual business owners

Coffee Exchange Business Area

Specialized Company
for Coffee Raw Materials

Coffee import and export,
development and operation of coffee origin,
production of coffee related products

Raw material futures trading

Stable raw material supply through coffee futures trading

Coffee consulting

Honest and professional consulting